Quality beer for fordinary #@$%ing people!

Rosewater Golden Ambrosia Lager
Lager with a subtle floral flavor. “God damn it, you’ve got to be kind.”

Munchen Klumpen
Amber lager brewed with Munich malts and 100% local Nugget hops.

Garbage Pale Ale
Hoppy Pale Ale brewed with whatever the #@$% we had laying around.

Malcontent DIPA
West Coast-style DIPA brewed for those who crave even more hops.

Dry Irish stout on nitro for those smooth, creamy bubbles.

German style black ale.  Chocolate malt and roast flavors, yet light bodied.

Yuzu Kosho Gose
Sour ale with citrus peel, salt, and chili peppers. Lightly spicy and refreshing.